Pro-Trump Hispanic Billionaire LOSES it on Trump Haters: “Who Else Would You Have In A F**king…”

There are Trump supporters and then there are Trump supporters. The overwhelming majority of the billionaire businessman’s supporters are rank-and-file Americans from across the political spectrum. But some are just as successful in the business world as the real estate mogul.

Hispanic billionaire businessman Daniel Peña is one of those supporters. And when it comes to the GOP nominee becoming the next President of the United States, he says, “If Donald Trump becomes president he’s going to rock the planet; he’s going to change it.”

The fact this testimony came from a Latino American is significant in the face of the Progressive meme that falsely has Trump lagging in popularity with the Latino community.

Peña, who made billions in the real estate, energy, and investment fields, believes, “Donald Trump is the pre-eminent manifestation…at least in America they are ‘up to here’ with it. He is a perfect example that America is fed-up with all the bullsh*t.”

In an interview with London Real, Peña said he believes political correctness to be a manifestation of the world population’s “low self-esteem.” He hold Donald Trump up as an example of what people can achieve if they rise to their own occasions.

Intimating that political correctness is like a cancer to success, Peña said, “You have no idea how limitless it is when you’re not afraid of what other people think or say. You have no idea. There’s not two people watching this thing that even has a concept to what it is to act as if you have no limits to your abilities. Zero.”

He likened the debilitation of political correctness to being in a foxhole during battle with a Progressive pacifist. Noting that the United States and the world are ready for a pivot away from the Progressive politically correct scheme currently employed, Peña cited his foxhole narrative, “[D]o you want somebody who’s going to rip out their throat and sh*t down their neck? Trump’s that kind of guy.”

Peña cited the example of Donald Trump’s comments of Vladimir Putin approximately five months ago. “Five months ago he says he is going to punch Putin in the mouth,” Peña said. “Six days later Putin says, ‘I like that man.’ What does that tell you? Respect gets respect, instead of all this political horse sh*t.”

Flipping the coin for a moment to address the Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders, Peña cited the unexpected potency of the Sanders campaign as a strong signal that even the Left is begging for change. “He was a f*cking Communist 35 years ago. Now he’s a Socialist,” he said. “He’s in the Senate for 15-20 years and he’s kicking Hillary’s ass. What the f*ck does that say? The US is ready for change; their so fed-up.”

So, while the punditry and the news media talking heads bloviate on Donald Trump doing poorly with the Hispanic community in the polls, perhaps it is time to listen to the leaders on the successful in the Hispanic community, like Daniel Peña. He may not be getting as intense of news coverage as the paid protesters of La Raza who burn American flags and assault women, but he isn’t afraid to speak his mind and follow his gut. And that has made him a billionaire.

“I said a year ago,” Peña said. “If he’s serious about being president he will rock – not only the United States of America, he will rock the world.”

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