WATCH – Putin Goes On LIVE TV And CONFIRMS That Obama And Hillary Created ISIS

What is it going to take for the people of this country to finally admit Hillary and Obama ARE responsible for creating ISIS? Would a world leader telling everyone on live TV be enough… because that’s what happened.

Putin claims that the Syrian militants were merely mercenaries Obama hired. He explains that, “they [Obama] arm them [the rebels], and pay them a certain amount… then they discover somewhere else pays a little more. So they go fight there.”

This is the mess that President Trump has inherited.

The Obama administration, with the help of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, sold weapons to the mercenaries in Syria. Due to the fickle nature of mercenaries, they quickly changed sides to fight against us, taking our guns with them.

Putin’s accusations have been verified by WikiLeaks, who also report that Hillary Clinton lied to Congress under oath when questioned about the arms program between the US and Syria. Clinton has a record of arming ‘rebels’ as she also urged our government to arm the Libyan ‘rebels’ shortly before the Benghazi attack. (via National Review)

President Trump has a long road ahead of him to clean up the mess made by Obama, both at home and abroad. But, rest-assured, Trump is going to stop ISIS in their tracks, and resurrect freedom the world over.

To be frank, freedom was preserved when we elected Trump. The world simply could not have survived a Clinton presidency, which would have fostered international terrorism, while arming countless ‘rebels’.

Remember, it was Clinton who supported the Muslim Brotherhood in both Egypt and Libya, to disastrous effects. What evils would Clinton have allowed to fester as Commander-in-Chief? I shudder at the thought.

The only thing left for the Democrats to do is to step aside and let President Trump get to work. They need to let the baseless accusations about Russia die, so that our free and fairly elected President can do his job. I ,for one, would welcome coordination with Russia while we bomb ISIS to oblivion.

Democrats, it’s time to let the grownups work. You had your turn, your policies failed, and the American people soundly rejected you.

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