WATCH – Putin Goes On LIVE TV And CONFIRMS That Obama And Hillary Created ISIS

Trump said that Obama had a hand in creating ISIS. Now that Donald Trump is the president-elect, Vladimir Putin, of all people, has confirmed this.

Putin said the Syrian rebels are mercenaries who only fight for whomever pays them more. While the president of Russia did not come out and say it is America arming them, he definitely, strongly hinted at it.

Of course, this is the type of flawed leadership we have come to expect under the Obama administration. Putin’s strong words have also, sadly, been confirmed by other sources.

A Wikileaks report last August proved that Hillary actually lied under oath when she was asked about the weapons trade program that occurred with Syria starting a year before the Benghazi attacks. In the batch of leaked emails, an astonishing 17,000 of them were about Syria alone, as per The National Review.

Something tells me this isn’t the type of “experience” that the Clinton team was going for when they were squaring off against Trump, but this is also solid verification of Putin’s statement.

In Clinton’s attempts to win what would essentially have been a third term for Obama, she would have contributed to the international discord and unrest we have all become painfully aware of.

Let’s get something absolutely clear: in a world where America is not dominant on the world stage and where ISIS is allowed to grow stronger, those who love freedom lose. Those who believe in all our country’s wonderful principles would soon see them slip away.

The United States of America simply could not afford to have more of the same. We, and the rest of the world, could not afford to have the ISIS rebels grow stronger and more organized. In the midst of all this, Donald Trump began to throw out massive truth bombs, including that Obama and Clinton created ISIS by virtue of their policies. This seemed incredibly outrageous to liberals.

However, credit Trump for being bold enough to say it. This is definitely the type of leadership we need. There is no question it is a sad day in America when it is Vladimir Putin who sounds more like an American than even our own sitting president. Thankfully, we’ll soon have a true leader in the White House.

Seriously, Obama, this isn’t a game. This is being the leader of the free world. Go back to your looney-tunes professor job and community organizing and quit playing leader!

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