‘You’re Heartbroken Because You Failed’: Randy Quaid Pens Forceful Open Letter to Meryl Streep

Randy Quaid, an actor who has performed in nearly 100 films and been nominated for many awards, just wrote an open letter to Meryl Streep for her attack on Donald Trump.

“The reason you are heartbroken is not because Hillary lost. She was always a lost cause. The reason you’re heartbroken is because you and many other celebrities who share your beliefs realized on November 8th that the corporate media agenda has failed you and you failed it,” Quaid stated in his letter.

He said that he “empathized” with Streep, but he wasn’t going to ignore all the hypocrisies that were in her speech.

In the letter, he mentioned that “bullying” even takes place in the Hollywood industry, saying that it happens all the time right in front of her, and she’s either ignoring it or just ignorant of it all together.

And Quaid also comically praised her for “never” being a victim of fake news. “How nice it must be not to have a breath of fake negative press ever written about you or lies manufactured against you by dishonest media attacking your character, your spouse, and your career.”

It’s funny how celebrities disparage the media by saying how horrible it is that they are followed by paparazzi and that the media prints horrible lies about them—that is until it’s conservatives attacking the media, and then liberal celebrities defend the media with an iron fist.

According to Streep, it’s necessary for the media to be there and speak the truth. Well, it would be nice if they actually did speak the truth, because I’m sure the media prints all sorts of lies and “speculation” about celebrities and the drama going on in that world.

Quaid also remarked on how Streep claimed she was a voice for the “voiceless,” yet she didn’t stand up for him when he was being attacked. The media went after Quaid, and Streep did not come to his defense once.

Liberal celebrities are just pouting because they realized how little their voices matter when it comes to the important events in this country, such as presidential elections. They expected all their fans to listen to them and vote for Hillary Clinton, but that’s not how elections work.

The American people heard the views of their favorite celebrities, and they were not afraid to say, “I don’t agree” and voted for Donald Trump. Now, these celebrities are crying their crocodile tears in the aftermath of the election and their loss of relevance.

Quaid finished his open letter by saying how Streep should mend her broken heart, “Personally and professionally, I would be honored to work with you on any project to fix your broken heart through art, and perhaps you can help me to fix mine, and perhaps together we can entertain and fix America’s broken heart.”

This is what freedom of speech is—it’s not about whining and complaining when you don’t get your way. It’s about speaking out against the majority who are biting off the heads of those who don’t agree with them. It’s about giving your views even if they aren’t liked or agreed with. Those are our rights as Americans, and it’s Quaid’s right to do so, and many Americans are supporting him in making his voice heard.

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