WATCH – ‘Pay My Foundation’ Rap Video OBLITERATES Hillary, And It’s Going Massively Viral

This “Pay My Foundation” campaign video exposes the corrupt pay-to-play scheme between the Hillary’s State Department and the Clinton Foundation, while being absolutely hilarious! The vivid imagery in the campaign rap video drives home just how low the Clinton’s will sink to fill their pockets and increase their power.

“Money, money, money. You keep it gushin.’ Don’t care if you’re Arab, Wall Street, or Russian,” the “Pay My Foundation” campaign rap video sings out.

In exchange for a big check, Hillary will turn over the “keys to the nation,” the lyrics in the viral video note.

The actress portraying Hillary dances around her foreign donors as they wave cash in her face – as the pantsuit-clad woman smiles from ear to ear.

The “Future45″ Super Pac created the video. The group spent about $1 million to put the ad out into the world.

“If you want to get to the top, don’t let the rules hold you back. Pay my foundation for the keys to the nation,” the rapper in the video chants. According to a report in the Free Beacon, the ad is already playing in key battleground states. The Hillary Clinton rap video was geared to attract the attention of millennial voters.

As previously reported by the Angry Patriot, the Clinton Foundation is under investigation by the FBI, it’s rumored that five separate FBI field offices are dealing with the case, that’s how huge it is. Bill and Hillary’s “charity” may have violated multiple bribery and RICO statutes.

When she accepted the Secretary of State post, Hillary pledged there would be no link between the Clinton Foundation and the federal agency. That was most definitely not the case.

Huma Abedin, Hillary’s constant companion (until the FBI found more than 650,000 thousand emails on her husband, Anthony Weiner’s computer) was on staff at both the State Department and the Clinton Foundation. Almost half of the individuals, many of them foreign, who got an audience with Hillary while she was in office, were also mega donors to her foundation.

Hillary claims to be a staunch advocate for women and girls. But her actions, and the checks cashed to her benefit, tell a different story.

While she was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation accepted millions of dollars from countries that treat women like second-class citizens. Middle East donor states, like Saudi Arabia, have a horrible human rights record and have long been known to not only oppress women, but rape and abuse them with impunity.

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