WATCH – THIS Video Reveals How Ronald Reagan Handled Nasty Protesters, WOW!

Ronald Reagan was a man of strength and a leader who never suffered fools. The politically correct career politicians of today could learn a few important lessons that are still relevant today from the conservative stalwart.

When Ronald Reagan was faced with a large group of protesters who felt exercising their First Amendment rights also included the ability to break the law in the process, he firmly and succinctly resolved the matter, as this video shows…

“They were going to physically destroy the university,” the former president said while shaking his finger at the reporters.

The old Reagan news footage from the press conference was highlighted in the now viral “This is how Ronald Reagan Handled Protesters” video.

When bombarded by reporter’s questions and while cramped together in a small space with the members of the media, Ronald Reagan took them all on, armed with only common sense and respect for the rule of law.

Unlike Obama, Reagan did not make excuses for the protesters-turned-rioters.

The Republican president had zero patience for the shenanigans protesters were trying to pull in an attempt to essentially hold a California college campus hostage.

When a reporter chastised Ronald Reagan for not negotiating with the protesters, the typically calm and level-headed president nearly lost his temper and responded in an exasperated rant.

“Negotiate? What is there to negotiate? All of it began when some of you who should have known better, are old enough to know better, let young people think they had the right to choose which laws they were going to obey as long as they were doing it in the name of social protest,” Reagan added.

The entire video is well worth watching. It is shocking exactly how relevant Ronald Reagan’s advice still is today.

Both Obama and Hillary have egged the Black Lives Matter movement on by making excuses for protester behavior—even when their actions were illegal and could have cost lives.

Hillary Clinton can’t be trusted to be the shepherd of this great nation. We need a leader with Reagan’s strength, bluntness, and resolve—the only reasonable choice for the next President of the United States is Donald Trump!

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