BREAKING: Is This the REAL Reason Behind Trump’s Press Conference?

Last night, Donald Trump surprised everyone by calling for a 9:00pm EST press conference very early in the day. There was a lot of speculation as to the reason, but most were wrong.

It appears as though Donald Trump called a press conference on Super Tuesday so he can start to appear more Presidential. In other words, he realizes his win is inevitable and it is time to show the American people how he will look as the President.

This was a huge strategical move by Trump and one that will show benefits immediately. Social media was blowing up last night during the press conference at how great he looked in a presidential situation.

Mainstream media jumped to a lot of conclusions, even putting it out there they expected the Governor of Florida to endorse Trump.

I think we can all agree it is far too early for the governor to endorse anyone right now. The strategic move would be for that endorsement to come through within sniffing distance of that vote, not two weeks before.

Donald Trump knew it was time to switch strategies. It was time to get away from a room of screaming supporters and show the world what a winner looks like.

He gave a controlled speech, took legitimate questions from the press, and answered them all excellently.

For instance, he was explaining how he had in fact disavowed Duke’s endorsement while Rubio was saying Trump did not disavow it. While Cruz was saying he supported Planned Parenthood, Trump was explaining his position on this very clearly. While they were talking about his off the record conversation with the New York Times, he was explaining exactly what is negotiable on immigration.

While they thought they were scoring points, he was making them look foolish. And, when both were called on these points on live TV, they could no nothing but stumble and double talk. Trump truly owned the night.

He is now addressing real platform issues while his opponents try to bash him on things that have already been debunked. He is controlling their campaigns and they don’t even realize it! Now, Trump is talking about issues while Cruz and Rubio are talking about Trump! It’s brilliant!

While Trump is not making any arrogant assumptions, because he knows he still has a big fight on his hands, he is starting to look forward and launch attacks against Clinton. He is starting to look like the GOP general election candidate, and people are noticing!

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