WATCH – Reba McEntire DEFIES Trump-Haters with THIS Amazing New Song

Reba McEntire is one of the best country singers known to the music industry. She just released a new song which sends a message to liberals everywhere.

“Cause we’re still worth saving, we can’t go on like this and live like this, we can’t love like this, we gotta give this world back to God,” Reba sang in her new song called “Back to God.”

This is an incredibly powerful message that needs to be heard everywhere, now more than ever. We have so much hate in the country because of the last election.

Americans are burning flags, dishonoring our military and police officers, rioting in the streets, and wishing death on our newly elected President. Clearly, we do need to get this country back to God.

But, liberals today are “too cool” to believe in God. They don’t want to “conform” to one belief. And yet, most Liberals do believe the same thing: that God does not exist and that there is nothing after death.

That’s fine, no one is going to force you to be religious! But, why discriminate against Christians? And, why deny that there are any good lessons to be learned from faith?

The liberals shout out facts of the universe, as if we don’t know them, and ask us to explain the way the Bible fits into it. Well, the Bible was written thousands of years ago by people who didn’t understand the universe half as well as we do today, so they are going to be things in the Bible that don’t make a lot of sense.

There are also a lot of things in the Bible that make more sense than any philosophy I’ve heard a Liberal argue! The Bible advocates for peace, love, and forgiveness. It puts an emphasis on life, family, and community, something our divided nation desperately needs.

Thankfully, Donald Trump is going to be bringing God back into this country. He made it okay to say ‘Merry Christmas’ again. He’s put the Lord back in our Pledge of Allegiance. This is fitting. After all, this country was built on the foundation of faith. And we need to go back to our roots.

This new respect for faith won’t change the beliefs of the liberals, and that’s okay, because it will strengthen the core values of this country. I believe that, in their hearts, our lost Liberals are aching for the kind of values my faith gives me. When our faith erodes, these values erode, and that spells disaster for the country.

As Reba says, “You gotta get down on your knees, believe, fold your hands and beg and plead, you gotta keep on praying.” With a little more faith, and a little more respect for faith, the turmoil and division in this country will die down. This country will unite under our President.

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