WATCH – This ‘Pissed Off Redneck’ Wrote A Catchy Song DESTROYING Obama – I Can’t Stop Cheering!

Many people are taking a liking to writing songs involving politics, sharing their beliefs with laughs and a catchy tune. But this one, well, it should be Obama’s anthem.

Jamie Jones, the “pissed off redneck,” absolutely knocked it out of the park and obliterated Obama with this little ditty…

My favorite line is: “Mr. Stick-Head Politician, I got some news for you. If you want to come and try to take my gun, son, you better be bulletproof.”

His song embodies many American values, such as our right to bear arms and our religious freedoms. This is something the liberals are not too keen on—they would rather leave themselves unarmed in their homes and rip tradition from their lives.

That would be fine if they didn’t try to take away our right to religious freedom and guns, but they preach about gun control laws and demonize people who choose to be Christian. Yet they claim they are the accepting ones?

Most people from the South are not racist, and we’re not unaccepting or bigoted. This is a rumor spread like locusts by the mainstream media and the liberals of the world who would rather sit in their pretentious coffee shops and come up with assumptions and labels about certain groups of people.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s deals with Russia and Obama’s horrific presidency, we’re still standing in the land of the free and the home of the brave, as Jamie Jones stated in his song, and because we elected Donald Trump, it’s going to stay that way.

With Trump in office, the illegals and refugees in this nation are going to be going back where they came from. Trump is going to build the wall, not because he’s racist but to halt illegal migration, which is crippling our nation.

Stick-head politicians like Obama and Hillary, who would rather pretend we aren’t struggling than fix our problems, claim that open borders is a great idea for this nation, but you see where that got the Democrats.

The American people are tired of those who expect handouts more than hard work, who would rather complain and protest than actually do something to make a difference! It’s because of people like that—the welfare sucking scum of the world—that our economy is failing.

And that’s why Americans are writing songs like this, so people see the reality our country faces. For some reason, the bitter truth is always easier to swallow with a tune. I’m sure this song is going to be very popular today!

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