WARNING: Refugees Are Spreading Tuberculosis In THIS Surprising State. You’ve Been Warned.

Refugees are bringing something new to our country. Violence and crime was bad enough — but now, they’ve brought record levels of disease.

Of the refugees in Minnesota, ninety percent have tuberculosis. This deadly disease has become an epidemic. (via Breitbart)

How could this happen in America? Well, those born on our soil have such low levels of tuberculosis that most people and their doctors don’t even bother using the vaccine.

But, the refugees are from countries where tuberculosis is a huge threat– including Syria, Somalia, and Burma. Conditions in those countries are so bad that their strains of tuberculosis have mutated, and become resistant to several of the usual treatments.

This is called the multi-drug resistant (MDR) strain. It is significantly more expensive to treat, at 150,000 dollars for at least a year, and sometimes more than two years, of treatment.

The simpler form of tuberculosis only costs 15,000 to treat, and recovery is only a few months.

So, not only are people with active tuberculosis being allowed into the country, they are bringing in a more dangerous form of the disease, which is harder to treat.

You think you’re angry now? It gets worse. Eleven of these disease-carrying refugees were diagnosed with tuberculosis before they even stepped foot on our soil.

In fact, they were diagnosed as part of the application process! This should have disqualified them from entering the country. Even our lax immigration standards demand that.

So why were they allowed in? We can only assume incompetence or willful disregard for the lives of Americans. This all stinks of liberal lenience towards immigration. As usual, they have put the lives of Americans at risk.

The problem isn’t just in Minnesota. As The Angry Patriot previously reported, there are sixty-three cases of tuberculosis among the immigrants in El Paso, Texas. This was in April alone. (via The Angry Patriot).

When, not if, Americans get tuberculosis as a result of this epidemic, it will be the liberals to blame. We have to hold them accountable and we have to clamp down on our borders!

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