WATCH – Fox News Reporter EXPOSES Hillary’s Plan To Make Illegal Immigrants VOTE For Her

Hillary Clinton and progressive-Democrats are courting illegal aliens in the get out the vote efforts. It doesn’t matter to them that illegal aliens are not eligible to vote. But then, they believe the Constitution is a flawed document, so why should our basic laws about voting matter?

On his FOX Business Channel prime time show, Lou Dobbs – hardly a conspiracy theorist by any stretch of the imagination – introduced us to a new initiative formulated and slated to be executed by the Clinton campaign called, “Mi Sueño, Tu Voto.” Translated, this means, “My Dream, Your Vote.” It is a voter registration drive targeting – targeting – illegal immigrants. As Dobbs says, “She’s going after illegal immigrants in her voter drive.”

It is one thing to politically position oneself to be pro-amnesty so that you can glean the votes of hopeful immigrants who have chosen to break the law to exist here. It is quite another to enlist their illegal votes to help you win an election.

“The Clinton campaign insists it only intends for legal citizens to vote,” Dobbs says. “And they say they are just simply drafting illegal immigrants to help spread the word – broadcast, if you will – from an illegal base.”

However, Clinton is a proponent of every voter registration, polling, and voter ID scheme that threatens the sanctity of the ballot box. She is in favor of the motor voter law, automatic registration, early voting, and against any form of voter ID law put forward.

“Her intentions are clear,” Dobbs continued. “Bring in as many illegal immigrants as possible, bring in as many refugees – principally Muslim – as possible, eliminate any requirement possible for registration, and give the right to vote – de facto – to as many people as possible, irrespective of citizenship, residency, or the disenfranchisement of lawfully registered voters…American citizens.”

Clinton’s “My Dream, Your Vote” is slated to be a nationwide effort but will most likely concentrate on the key battleground states of Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, and Florida. These states have high concentrations of illegal immigrants.

The Democrat presidential nominee’s stance on amnesty is simple. She has stated for the record that she intends to affect an expansion of the existing Obama amnesty i.e. his administration’s refusal to enforce immigration and border security laws.

In fact, Clinton’s platform calls for the passage of comprehensive immigration reform, which is to include a full pathway to citizenship, in the first 100 days of a Clinton presidency. Whether she actually follows through on her promise is inconsequential to the get out the vote effort. Once she has captured the Hispanic vote – both legal and illegal – it won’t matter if she keeps her promise.

Hispanics and Latinos have to wake to the same realization that black voters in America have come to understand. Democrats and progressives will promise huge things during election campaigns, and they will even put a down-payment on their promises by extending voting rights. Once the election is over, however, and they have no use for the minority demographics, they always – always – revert to the status quo.

As for We the People, it is time we start making some real and continued noise in Washington and our State Houses about voter ID requirements. Voting is a reserved right for citizens. Each time an illegal voter casts a ballot, it negates our rights. It simply has to stop.

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