BOYCOTT: MASSIVE Restaurant Chain Says Trump is “Disgusting President.”

Did they honestly think they could get away with this? The internet NEVER forgets — and it rarely ever forgives.

Thursday morning, McDonald’s official Twitter account sent out an insulting tweet about the President, even going so far as to say they wanted Obama back in office…

The tweet has since been deleted, but it’s been archived online for all posterity, thanks to some quick-fingered internet users who were fast with their screenshot buttons. Nothing that goes up online anymore goes without being seen by the eyes of the public, even after it “disappears.”

McDonald’s is now back-peddling its statement, making the claim they were “hacked,” via CNBC. Yeah. Right. “Hacking” seems to be the excuse for everything these days!

Far more likely, a rogue writer on the McDonald’s PR staff decided to use their position of social media “power” to push their own liberal agenda. If so, we hope that employee was FIRED — and that McDonald’s screens its next social media manager more thoroughly.

However, if it was an executive decision made by the McDonald’s corporation as a whole to write the divisive tweet, then they have an even bigger problem on their hands. Because if these are their true colors… you can bet that not a single patriot will be dining in those restaurants for a long time to come!

Donald Trump has always been a supporter of McDonald’s. Not only has he appeared in one of its commercials, but he would often show himself dining on McDonald’s fries on his social media accounts during his campaign.

If the heads at McDonald’s truly feel he’s not a fit representative, then they’re not only foolish — they’re ingrates. We the People love our president, and when he endorsed them, we patronized their business as well. Having Donald Trump on your side is GOOD business.

McDonald’s need to learn a lesson in the form of a mass boycott. Even if this was the work of one writer-gone-wild, what that person tweets still represents the company as a whole. What you choose to say online matters — and it’s up to us to show McDonald’s what it means to run a respectable business.

By refusing to purchase food from McDonald’s until an official apology is released, we can show them that anti-American sentiment is NOT taken lightly. And that excuses of “hacking” are just that: excuses. And an excuse is not an apology.

While liberals flock to buy fast food during the aftermath of the tweet, it’s our duty as patriots to buy our drive-thru goodies elsewhere. There are more of us than there are of them, and a severe drop in revenue in the coming days will teach McDonald’s a harsh lesson.

No matter where this disgusting tweet stemmed from, whether it was a corporate decision or the act of one person, McDonald’s will NOT be forgiven for this indiscretion until an official apology is released — and it better be good.

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