Rev. Graham Issues PERFECT Response to Streep’s Attacks, Tells Americans To Do THIS

The whole nation seems to be talking about Meryl Streep’s Golden Globes acceptance speech where she mostly went on an anti-Trump tirade for over six minutes.

On Facebook, Reverend Franklin Graham criticized Streep’s speech, saying, “I say, let’s get behind our new president-elect and Vice President-elect Mike Pence and move forward together as a country.”

All the news after the Golden Globes was about Streep’s words against Trump—nothing about the movies or actors who were awarded, which is what the GG’s are all about.

No one watches the Golden Globes to listen to politics. If they wanted that, they would tune into the news or a political radio show, yet that’s what they got anyway.

People watch the Golden Globes to see who is recognized for the excellence of film and television here in this country and overseas, but Streep went ahead and threw politics into the mix whether people liked it or not. Instead of mending the divide in this country, which Rev. Graham and everyone else clearly want, Streep just reopened old wounds and spread us all a part again — and gave herself good press.

Even media anchors like Sean Hannity gave a response to her attack, saying this is why Hollywood is dying. Streep could have just thanked whoever she wanted to thank, kept the quote for the recently passed Carrie Fisher, and moved on.

Instead, she gave yet another passive aggressive discussion continuing the liberal rhetoric of how and why Donald Trump should not be president. You could see the blank stares Streep got from the crowd!

People are starting to tune out the anti-Trump rhetoric because it no longer matters at this point. No one wants to hear the terrible things liberals have to say about Trump because it’s all been said already. Streep just wasted six minutes of everybody’s time.

Trump responded via social media, saying he wasn’t surprised that Streep attacked him. He said it was only another attack by “liberal movie people,” but the American people are getting sick and tired of it. The election is over, yet we’re forced to continue to talk about it because of the liberals’ inability to accept defeat.

I feel like this is how the next four years are going to be—our country will be changing for the better, but liberals and celebrities will keep kicking, screaming, and pouting just for the heck of it. Hopefully I’m wrong, and they will listen to Rev. Graham.

Hopefully, they will find a way to come together behind Trump and Pence and let this country grow and become better than what it is right now. We can’t do that by encouraging division.

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