BREAKING – Russia STUNS American Media With THIS Surprise Trump Announcement

If you believe the media, Putin is our President, not Trump. That narrative too a major hit and now the media is scrambling to cover its tracks.

Yesterday, Russia stunned everyone by announcing the media reports claiming President Trump’s campaign was in contact with Communist intelligence officials are completely false… totally groundless. This should put an end to the baseless allegations against the president and his staffers, but the mainstream media aren’t likely to allow the non-issue to die.

“Let’s not believe anonymous information,” Kremlin representative Dmitry Peskov said during a press call with journalists. Peskov was referencing a New York Times report which, of course, cited only unnamed sources.

“It’s a newspaper report which is not based on any facts,” Peskov added, according to Yahoo News! Factless reports are now the bread and butter of the mainstream media. They live for any morsel of an anti-Trump rumor to put on their front pages.

The liberal newspaper cited only four current or former United States officials as the sources of their claims. Why would a former intelligence official still have access to classified information?

That would be illegal. Apparently, the Obama spies still tucked away in the Trump administration don’t bother themselves with the laws that are supposed to govern ALL of our actions.

If they did, the current intelligence staffers would not have leaked classified information to the press. In fact, they would not have recorded the conversation of a private citizen in the first place!

The Russian Foreign Intelligence Service RARELY ever speaks with the press. The decision to come forward and speak the truth clearly indicates our Cold War ally wants a real “reset” this go round.

The Russian official deemed the Trump collusion scandal to be nothing more than “unsubstantiated media allegations.” Clearly, Russia does not want to see relations between the two world powers soured by partisan retribution from liberals.

Retired General Michael Flynn did absolutely nothing illegal, or even anything wrong, when speaking with the Russian ambassador. His only mistake was speaking too literally when telling Vice President Mike Pence he did not discuss the lifting of sanctions levied by Obama.

When asked about the future of the sanctions by the Russian ambassador, Flynn only responded Donald Trump would be reviewing the matter after taking office. No harm, no foul — and what a shame being succinct and literal when answering a question cost America a dedicated and patriotic national security adviser.

Mike Pence and Michael Flynn are both good, decent, and honest men. The mainstream media are trying to twist what occurred into something devious.

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