BREAKING: Sanctuary Cities “Declare Jihad” Against Trump. What Should Happen?

States openly defying the U.S. government happened once before in our republic’s history — and sparked the Civil War. Are we again on the cusp of another such horrific event?

Sanctuary cities and counties have declared war on President Donald Trump and are continuing to harbor these criminal immigrants. There are about 500 sanctuary jurisdictions in the United States, WND reports, and President Trump has the power to yank federal funding from each and every one of them!

They shouldn’t have attempted to call his bluff. Unlike Obama, when Trump draws a red line in the sand, he WILL follow through with his promise of action.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is already doing his part to uphold the president’s ban on sanctuary cities. The Lone Star State is passing a bill to stop both state and federal taxpayer dollars, which flow through the governor’s office, from going to cities and counties that refuse to end their sanctuary jurisdiction ways.

Similar defunding of sanctuary jurisdictions has been introduced in Ohio, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, Idaho, and Pennsylvania. More states plan on introducing state money defunding laws in the coming weeks.

The number of governors and state officials who have been both inspired and emboldened by President Trump’s crackdown on sanctuary cities is growing every day. The majority of states in America have GOP governors at the helm.

Most of the statehouses in the country are also Republican-controlled. There is support at the local and state level for Trump’s sanctuary city ban. After decades of nothing really being done to stop the insane practice of allowing illegal immigrants to walk around free, and fearless of prosecution, in the United States, a bold president is finally going to get something done!

Only a complete liberal loon would put the safety and economic prosperity of illegal immigrants before that of Americans. Ending illegal immigration was the prime campaign promise from Trump — there is no way he is going to back down now.

During his speech in Nashville last night, Trump doubled down on his plan to stop the flow of illegal aliens, drugs, and potential terrorists from spilling into the United States from Mexico. Illegal immigration has dropped by at least 30 percent since Trump was inaugurated.

Potential illegal immigrants fully understand Trump is serious about enforcing federal law, and sanctuary city leaders should as well. The stubborn lot apparently needs to feel a big financial pinch to drive the message home.

The people who live in sanctuary jurisdictions can oust their liberal leaders who are bent on destroying their communities, but that will take too long. The time for action is NOW!

Only when President Trump strips sanctuary jurisdictions of our money will they realize he is a man who follows through on his promises. Curiously, the liberal sanctuary city officials think they are dealing with a politician who can be influenced by their whining and feet stomping.

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