Actor Scott Baio Has Quite Possibly the BEST Reaction to Meryl Streep’s Anti-Trump Speech

Meryl Streep thinks the Hollywood crowd is vilified and persecuted. Scott Baio of “Charles in Charge” begs to differ.

Baio said the first thing he did when he heard Meryl Streep’s speech was give out a big belly laugh. “We have the best lives of everybody,” Baio said after he was done laughing. “We’re not vilified. It’s absurd.”

The rest of Baio’s characterization was spot on. He said that these liberal snowflakes “have been crucifying President-elect Trump for so long now” and added he felt that Streep’s characterization was particularly “insulting” and “not very intelligent.” Sounds like one actor has the ability to self-reflect!

“I didn’t have a choice. I had to give Obama a chance eight years ago,” Baio said in a reference to his conservative ideology. “These people, these Hollywood liberals, won’t even give Trump a chance.”

People don’t seem to realize that these Hollywood elites are so out-of-touch that they think their perspective on Trump should change every American’s mind. Needless to say, Baio doesn’t buy these liberal snowflakes’ continued characterization of Trump as a bully.

Baio said he gave Trump the benefit of the doubt on whether he mocked a disabled reporter, and it doesn’t pass the smell test for him. The simplest answer is probably right, which is that Trump was merely holding the man accountable for denying his earlier statement instead of telling the truth.

There has to be a huge sense of irony when it is individuals on the left like Streep who continue to decry “fake news,” yet they propagate false stories that have been proven time and again to be false. Something tells me this is how they treated President Reagan as well.

But don’t expect liberals to get it. They are still up to their irrelevant attacks. Scott Baio is, apparently, being “boycotted” by liberals, but I am determined to stand by him.

When people revolted at the ballot box, they proved once again just who wields the power in this country. We the People determine the president in this country, no matter what Hollywood liberals and the media elite think.

Change is coming, Meryl. Go be offended somewhere else.

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