WATCH: Sessions Makes Brilliant Move to Destroy MS-13 Thugs. Do You Support?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is making major moves as the mainstream media focuses on his spat with President Trump.

Sessions is traveling to El Salvador–the birthplace of MS-13–to meet with law enforcement officials and discuss how to stop the international criminal organizationNPR reported.

Jeff Sessions is scheduled to meet with his El Salvadorian counterpart, Attorney General Douglas Melendez–along with other law enforcement officials, to create an international task force.

The Trump administration has made tackling the international gang one of their top priorities in the effort to make America safe again.

Sessions has hindered MS-13’s ability to travel across the border as illegal crossing continue to plummet now that US Border Patrol agents are allowed to do their job.

Additionally, the Trump administration is planning to undermine MS-13 by increasing deportations of criminal illegal aliens. MS-13 was founded by illegal aliens in the 1980s before taking root in El Salvador.

MS-13 stands out among the deadly international drug cartels as one of the most brutal gangs in the world. MS-13 members regularly celebrate rape and homicide, and they show no remorse for their victims.

Dozens of MS-13 gang members have been arrested since President Trump took office. Almost two dozen gang members were arrested in a major raid in Los Angeles last May. The raid targeted the leaders of the criminal organization who manage the West Coast wing of the international gang.

Sessions is planning to meet with the leaders of Guatemala and Honduras in addition to his hosts in El Salvador. The leaders of these Latin American nations are concerned that gang members deported from America will continue to wreak havoc upon returning to their home country.

This is how MS-13 was able to grow in the first place. The early founders of the gang were deported to their home country where they were allowed to recruit and grow.

Instead, Sessions must create extradition agreements with these nations to ensure that the most dangerous gang members are locked away for good.

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