POLL: Should We Stop Muslim Immigrants At The Border?

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We are facing a multitude of problems with the border. We have illegal immigrants coming in, and now we may have radical Islamic terrorists crossing our borders as well.

We need to keep our country safe. President Trump is not opposed to stopping radical Islam before it even enters our country. The best way to keep our country safe is to make sure we aren’t allowing threats to enter our country to begin with. We need to support President Trump.

The mainstream media loves to paint Trump and us fellow patriots as intolerant, but little do they know, we are the ones keeping them safe! Radical Islam is on a rampage across our country.

We cannot allow the mainstream media to bully us into lowering our defenses. The Left is trapped in a delusional world where facts don’t matter because they may be offensive.

Our borders have been a dismal failure. People can literally walk into our country and start draining our entitlement programs.

Even the establishment RINOs want to grant amnesty for illegal immigrants. Could you imagine radical Islamic terrorists walking across the border and being given amnesty? I shudder at the thought of it.

Our only ally is Donald Trump. He is the only person trying to stop this nonsense. Unfortunately, he is attacked at every turn.

There was once a time when there was law and order in this country, but after eight years of Obama, we have been living in a lawless land.

We need to support President Trump as he restores law and order to our great country. We will no longer let drug smugglers and terrorists simply exist in peace without punishment.

The mainstream media will do anything they can to achieve their dream of a world without borders. A world without borders would ruin our great nation, because there would be no point to even having a country.

We cannot allow the globalists to spread their anti-American agenda. They have become adept at infecting our youth in colleges, but the world is not a peaceful place. People quickly forget the tragedy of war.

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to put his foot down. We will not accept radical Islam, and we will not accept illegal immigration. It is time to shape up, America. Donald Trump is going to make America great again!

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