BREAKING: Special Ed. Teacher’s Sick ‘Side Job’ Just Landed Him in Texas Prison For Life

Teachers are supposed to be a positive influence on the lives of every student they come into contact with. In some cases, unfortunately, they prove to be anything but.

According to the Daily Caller, officers in Austin, Texas, pulled over a truck, and noticed duffel bags that appeared to be full of drugs. The driver and passenger were arrested in one of the largest cocaine busts on record. A special education teacher from a local elementary school, 36-year-old Rogelio Saucedo, was in the passenger seat. 

Once the officers started picking apart the truck, they found 16 kilos of cocaine in a duffel bag. Next, they found eight kilos in the center compartment of the vehicle. Six more kilos were well-hidden in the back. Cops found more strewn about, and also found THOUSANDS of dollars in the car.

The total catch was a staggering 66 pounds of cocaine. If you were to value that at street level, you’re talking $2.5-$3 million, easy. It’s disturbing to think about — this person, who’s supposed to take care of our special-needs students, was involved in such a heinous, disgusting crime.

Saucedo was a teacher at J.C. Martin Elementary School. The driver, Armando Lopez, along with Saucedo, are facing charges of conspiracy, and intent to distribute a controlled substance.

Needless to say, if you’re caught carrying three million dollars worth of cocaine, you’re not getting out of jail. It’s especially troubling to know that this was one of the largest busts in Texas since 2010. We suspect that these men are both going to serve life in prison for this mess.

How many pounds of illegal substances are getting into our country every day? Who’s running this dangerous stuff from Mexico to Texas? If our teachers are involved, it’s hard to imagine who else could be.

It’s cases like these that prove how badly we NEED President Trump’s wall. These two men were caught on a main road. Can you fathom how many people are coming here OFF the main roads?

Once President Trump’s wall is in place, we can all rest a little easier. People won’t be able to run drugs across the wall. The only points people WILL be able to enter the country from will be closely protected. If we can stop the trickle of cocaine into this country, we can make a big change. Maybe we can reverse the drug epidemic that’s killing thousands of people across the country.

We support our President, and his desire to make our borders safe and secure. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of your teacher being a cocaine smuggler. If anyone gets caught doing something this heinous, they WILL be jailed, just like these men. It might take some time before the wall is finished and operational, but it’ll be a much-needed change. The damage drugs do is enough to make you sick to your stomach.

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