Steve Harvey Risks Career to Make HUGE Stand for Trump. Give Him Your Support!

In a time when the mainstream media can crucify you — and your career — for having the “wrong” political opinions, it’s so refreshing to see a member of the Hollywood elite take a patriotic stand.

While a lot of cowards did not stand up to rappers Snoop Dog and Bow Wow, Steve Harvey went on the air to tell them that their anti-Trump actions were disgraceful.

Steve Harvey was referring to Snoop Dog’s new music video, where he “shot” Donald Trump, and Bow Wow’s comments, where he said he’d like to turn Melania Trump into a prostitute.

In reality, Snoop Dog needs to be paid a visit by the Secret Service for doing a portrayal of assassinating our current president. Instead, his actions were glorified by the mainstream media, some even going so far as to call it “art.”

Steve Harvey is a big supporter of Trump and was very brave to stand up to this low-life, aging thug and his younger crass counterpart.

By siding with the president, Steve Harvey is risking his career in liberal-run Hollywood. But he had the guts to stand up for what’s right despite this and, for that, we applaud him.

The mainstream media of course will not be reporting on this story because it does not fit into their narrative that liberals are “peaceful” protesters. If they admitted that Steve Harvey was right, and that Snoop and Bow Wow are a disgrace, then their lies would quickly fall apart.

When celebrities like like Snoop Dog and Bow Wow use violence to get their point across, it’s not “art” — it’s dangerous. It puts criminal ideas into the heads of weak-minded liberals.

The last thing we need is for some gunman to gain inspiration from this thug’s video and try to assassinate our president. Our only solace is that liberals hate gun owners and the second amendment, and likely don’t have the firearms required to carry out such a task.

If the shoe was on the other foot and Obama was being “shot” in a music video, we all know what the liberal reaction would be, and how the mainstream media would portray it. It’s sickening.

As patriots, we all need to support Steve Harvey and watch his shows. Hopefully when the ratings come in, his liberal bosses will have no choice but to keep him on, no matter WHAT his opinions are.

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