Anti-Trump Federal Judges STUNNED By Brilliant ‘Surprise’ Trump Hid in New Travel Ban

Trump’s new travel ban had something special inside. Liberal federal judges will not be able to stop the commonsense-based national security executive order THIS time!

The new travel ban shifts the chore of stopping refugees from airport law enforcement officers to officials at United States embassies overseas. No longer can hordes of liberal protesters and Democrat politicians mug for the cameras at airport entrances to whine about the president’s valiant attempts to keep us all safe.

The embassy officials have been instructed to stop preparing necessary travel documents for the individuals from the six countries on the list, Breitbart reports. Until President Trump’s staff finishes a national security review, those folks are going to stay right where they are!

President Trump should not have had to revamp his executive order to include the embassy component, but it was an act of genius. The long arm of liberal judges cannot reach far enough to derail the safety of our nation now!

The liberal California federal judges who blocked Trump’s original executive order have, at best, minimal power to block a president’s administrative actions which occur outside of the United States. Refugees and travelers from the Sudan, Yemen, Syria, Iran, Somalia, and Libya areas will have to go through reviews and security checks under intense scrutiny at their respective agencies.

Iraq was on the travel ban list in the initial executive order, but it has now been removed. Realizing President Trump was a strong representative and a man of his word, they opted to upgrade their security reviews to get off the list.

The same Trump executive order also decreases the yearly influx of refugees from 110,000 down to 50,000. That’s a good start!

Federal officials now must determine if existing law permits local officials to have a say where refugees are resettled. This was music to the ears of hundreds of communities that were caught by surprise when busloads of Muslim refugees came pouring into their towns.

The liberal judges can no longer complain about refugees and travelers with green cards already on a flight headed to America. The new executive order doesn’t begin until March 16 — leaving plenty of time for folks with valid visas to be screened and continue their travel plans.

Congress gave American presidents the power to suspend entry to any foreign travelers under the Immigration and Nationality Act almost 50 years ago. Trump will not sit back and allow that authority to go to waste.

This is NOT a Muslim ban. The first executive order was not a Muslim ban either. Both were bans on countries with potential terrorists — plain and simple!

If a president decides immigrants or refugees pose a threat to national security, he or she is entitled and duty bound to take appropriate action. President Trump vowed to put America and Americans first when running for office, and that is exactly what he is going to do despite the many obstacles liberals have put in his path.

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