Switzerland Makes THIS Announcement That Has Muslims Freaking Out

Border security should be top priority for any government which has the duty to protect its citizen population. One could disagree, but they would be wrong.

After criticizing Austria’s decision to close it’s borders, Switzerland is now preparing to set up tanks along it’s own borders with Italy, according to TheFederalistPapersProject.com.

Italy has taken in 50 percent more refugees this year than in 2015. These refugees are migrating from Italy to Austria illegally, leaving Austria no other choice than to completely shut down it’s borders with Italy.

Switzerland came to this decision  due to the anticipated increase of migrants who can no longer travel across the Austrian border. Rather than completely shutting it’s borders, Switzerland decided the to take the seemingly less harsh route of using military tanks to thwart those trying to cross illegally.

In the past week 169 immigrants have illegally entered Switzerland. This fact prompting immediate preparations to control what is expected to come in the near future.

Folks, illegal immigration is a problem worldwide. There is a legitimate reason for border security and immigration control. When a country has a functioning system in place, that system must be carefully balanced by knowing two main statistics. Who is paying into the system and who is being paid by the system.

The other issue is the crime that accompanies illegal immigrants. When you factor in the possibility of terrorists illegally entering any given country, the humane option is to protect the citizens NOT the illegal immigrants.

Switzerland has finally decided to drop the humanitarian nonsense and join us in reality. Americans should learn from this and try to accept the fact that the biggest threat to people is other people. When refugees enter a country illegally, the citizens pay one way or another.

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