UNREAL – Taxpayer Cost of Obama’s Vacations Finally Added Up, It’s UNBELIEVABLE

The Obamas are again taking it upon themselves to enjoy a nice vacation while the rest of America suffers their lack of interest. The total cost of these vacations is sickening.

The total cost of the infamous Obama vacations has racked up to around $85 million, but it is likely to reach $90 million after the next official record is released after their final vacation, as per McClatchy DC.

This total includes the use of Air Force One and other government air travel vehicles as well as armored cars and the Secret Servicemen required to keep the president and his family safe.

This price has caused many government watchdog sites to push for less personal travel by U.S. presidents because it is costing the American people a fortune. And Obama has definitely taken advantage of our tax dollars.

“The Secret Service and the Air Force are being abused by unnecessary travel,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton claimed. “Unnecessary presidential travel for fundraising and luxury vacations on the taxpayers’ dime would be a good target for reform for the incoming Trump administration.”

When Trump goes on vacation, he does it at his own properties. This cuts costs down dramatically without making the American people pay for all the travel, food, and housing of Secret Service teams.

Of course, the White House will always defend Obama’s actions to the American people. They tried to justify his trips to Hawaii, using the “he-was-born-here” crap that nobody wants to hear. Travelling to Hawaii is expensive, and the American people are tired of paying for everything when the Obama family goes there.

“Despite the security apparatus that accompanies any president when traveling, the administration works with the United States Secret Service to minimize the disruptions to local residents and businesses,” said White House spokesman Eric Schultz.

He continued on to say, “Honolulu is a place where the president can enjoy some downtime with his family and friends, and he’s grateful for the warm hospitality he enjoys when there.” Well, how about the American people’s downtime? Doesn’t that matter?

Liberals also claim that Obama has taken less vacation time than the president before him, George W. Bush, who made 77 visits to his ranch in Texas and 11 visits to his family home in Maine. We’re not contesting the fact that presidents need to relax too, but Obama’s time in office seems like one giant vacation.

Many of the pictures I’ve seen of Obama have featured him goofing off with VP Biden, playing with his dogs, going to some party, or going on vacation with his family. Honestly, what has he done really but make horrible implementations to this country?

“Oh, I’ve added another trillion dollars of debt—time to go to Hawaii.” I mean, really, that’s the way it seems to me. Donald Trump, however, has sworn off long vacations because he has so much work to do. Because Obama slacked off so much, now Donald Trump has a full plate and zero time to relax. Way to go, Obama.

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