BREAKING: Ted Cruz Announces Epic New Law President Trump Will Love. Do You Support?

Finally, a strong conservative is stepping up to take the lead on healthcare in the Senate.

Senator Ted Cruz is working with a 13-member group of Republican senators to draft a single-bill replacement for Obamacare instead of the multi-phase healthcare reform planned by the House Republicans. (via Washington Examiner)

Ted Cruz’s plan aligns with many of the promises made by Trump during the presidential campaign, including allowing insurance companies to compete across state boundaries and additional health plan options.

The current Republican strategy is a plan consisting of three parts to repeal and replace the disastrous Affordable Care Act, which is horribly misnamed.

The first stage of the current plan would be to pass a limited repeal and replacement of Obamacare through a process of budget reconciliation where the Democrats would be blocked from filibustering.

The second and largest stage of the current plan is to pass new healthcare legislation, followed by the final phase of administrative tweaks directly from the White House.

However, Senator Ted Cruz is worried that the second phase will not pass the Senate, and his plan relies purely on budget reconciliation and avoiding Democrat obstruction.

“Senate Democrats are listening to their radical left-wing base of their party, and so no healthcare reform legislation will garner 60 votes because there are not eight senators who will vote for any of the legislation,” explained Cruz.

To solve the problem, Cruz plans to circumvent the Democrat senators completely, and repeal and replace Obamacare through budget reconciliation which only requires a simply majority of 51 votes. All of the planned reforms have significant budgetary impacts allowing reconciliation.

Ted Cruz has been working with the Freedom Caucus as well as members from the Trump administration, ensuring widespread Republican support for his one-and-done approach.

The ultimate benefit of Cruz’s plan is that it will allow healthcare reform to move ahead quickly, allowing Republicans time to focus on tax reform and other important issues.

Senator Cruz is proving what strong conservative leadership in the house looks like and is an essential ally of President Trump.

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