Tennessee Defies Obama, Does THIS to Derail Liberal Tyranny!  


In a stunning rebuke of Obama, Tennessee has made a very important decision.

The Convention of States posted on Facebook the state of Tennessee has officially passed the Convention of States resolution, which limits the power and jurisdiction of government officials such as President Obama.

Tennessee joins the movement of other states to pass this measure, which also mandates term limits on government officials and demands fiscal restraints.

Thousands of grassroots supporters sacrificed much time and gave a monumental effort to encourage the measure, which passed in the Tennessee State legislature by a vote of 59-31.

The move is a victory for conservatives because it will limit the overreach of Washington D.C.

BREAKING NEWS: The great state of Tennessee has officially passed the Convention of States resolution to limit the power…

Posted by Convention of States Project on Thursday, February 4, 2016

The grassroots support of the Convention of States illustrates the empowerment of the individual U.S. citizen and thoroughly echoes the original goals of the Founding Fathers.

“Folks in Tennessee, folks at home in your state should decide [about laws] not Washington, D.C.,” one supporter of the movement said.

Hopefully, President Obama’s era of big government will come to an end with these measures and will finally be able to reign in the tyrannical rule of Obama.

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