WATCH: Liberal Terrorists Try to SHUT DOWN Major City, So Trump Supporters CHARGE

There was once a time when the only ideology engaging in vicious terrorist attacks was the radical Islam community. Now, the Left has adopted terrorism as a method of silencing opposition.

On Saturday, ANTIFA, a violent leftist organization famous for shutting down free speech, lobbed M-80s at a crowd of Trump supporters in Berkeley, California. After one ANTIFA member tossed an M-80 encased in a peanut butter jar, the Trump supporters rushed ANTIFA, sparking a brawl. In the background, “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah” can be heard as the crowds fought each other. Thanks to the bravery of the Trump supporters, a street shut down by ANTIFA was reopened. 

This is exciting news, patriots. Finally, people are starting to push back against these violent liberals. This group “ANTIFA,” derive their name from “Anti-Fascist.” Ironically, the group uses Fascist methods to communicate their message, like shutting down free speech by threatening speakers, or attacking people that do not agree with their views.

Liberals love to accuse patriots of Fascism, but Fascism was originally a liberal’s idea. Fascism originates from Mussolini, the Italian dictator who wrote “The Fascist Manifesto.” Mussolini had originally written for a Socialist magazine before rising to power. He inspired Hitler to adopt Fascism. Mussolini had a crew of “Black Shirts” that would patrol the streets, making sure that others agreed with their cause. Let’s look closer at this video, patriots.

As you can see, the ANTIFA crowd is using violence to propagate their message and they are even wearing black shirts. Patriots, I encourage you to call this group “The Black Shirts” rather than “ANTIFA,” because the public needs to know that this Anti-Fascist group is actually a fascist organization.

We need to take a stand against Fascism in America. We should be thankful that Trump supporters are so courageous, like our current president.

Why are these groups so active? Is it because we had eight years of Obama, a president dedicated to dividing our country by skin color and gender? Thanks to the work of Obama, we now have more hatred in our country.

The mainstream media tried to label these patriots as the “Alt-Right” and “white nationalists.” You can always rely on the Left to use semantics make a weak attempt at discrediting hardworking Americans. (via Good Magazine)

Whenever the Left hears something they do not like, they resort to tossing out the words “racist” or “Alt-Right.” If you ask 50 liberals to define these words, you will hear 50 different definitions. A clever liberal might “Google” the answer, because we know that they are incapable of thinking on their own.

There needs to be more accountability for these protesters. Our great police are unable to interfere with this violence because it is done under the protection of our great First Amendment. We can only hope that Neil Gorsuch, Trump’s Supreme Court pick, will lay down the law the way it should be interpreted.

The left is using the First Amendment to shut down the First Amendment. Does that sound circular? Well, you need to see it to believe it, and this video is proof that the left is the ideology of cherry-picking. Of course, they would disagree with this, and the mainstream media will encourage this deception.

The mainstream media will not report this story, and if they do, it will be under the guise of “Alt-Right” and “Far-Right” rhetoric. They will not condemn the “Black Shirts,” because these Fascist black shirts are helping the mainstream media fulfill their bizarre narrative.

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