Texas Calls on EVERY STATE to do THIS to Stop Obama Agenda

This is why I love the glorious state of Texas. Our politicians don’t approve of stupid things like allowing Muslim immigration and taking away guns.

Allen West, on his website this morning, posted Governor Abbott has thrown down a challenge to 44s executive order and wants “Texas to lead the call for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution…” Abbott believes the Convention of States “would force the federal government to ‘take the Constitution seriously again’” and we could not agree with him more!

Abbott calls Obama’s leadership into question and to put it simply, has had enough.

If this is going to happen, now is the time, with the right currently controlling the majority of votes. This is the one advantage Republicans have with this Democratic farce in the White House. If 44 wants to create executive orders to take away our rights, our representatives need to convene and TAKE BACK OUR POWER AND OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

Some of the key points of Abbott’s 70-page plan are:

  • When federal officials overstep their bounds, state officials can take them to federal court and sue
  • Any federal law or regulation can be overridden with a two-thirds majority vote
  • Administrative agencies cannot create federal law
  • Administrative agencies cannot pre-empt state laws

While Obama has cast a dark shadow over American politics, it is people like Allen West and Governor Abbott that continue to give us hope this country can be fixed.

We are Americans and we are Patriots, and we will take control of our country back!

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