Texas Governor Just Issued THIS Challenge to Barack Obama

Texas has never been a state to “tow the company line” when it comes to policies it does not agree with. Governor Abbott has made sure that legacy continues under his leadership.

Upon hearing Barack Obama’s edict to take away our Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms, he used social media to challenge the President and tweeted “…Come & Take It…

Adding even more fuel the fire, a law was just passed in Texas allowing for open carry.

First, the NRA came out against Obama, then Trump lobbed a shot at him, and now one of the more powerful states in the country has openly defied the President. Hmmm, reminds us of some rumblings that started around 1861.

This creates a significant problem for the Democratic party heading into the 2016 elections. And, of course, it creates an even larger problem for Obama.

Obama will now surely see significant resistance in Congress and throughout the United States on this (he has stated he may exercise executive order, but Congress will still have its say). His own party may have to decide where it wants to stand or risk alienation throughout the United States in the next election.

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