WATCH – Surprise Video Shows What President-Elect Trump Is REALLY Like When Nobody Is Watching

A viral new video featuring the now President Elect Donald Trump shows what the great man is like when the cameras are off. He now has a press corp following his every move, but Trump has never been camera shy, nor has he let it alter what he says or how he thinks.

Donald Trump’s words and deeds clearly show he is not a racist, sexist, homophobe, or Islamophobic. The personal stories of those helped and nurtured by Trump over the decades paint a very heartwarming image of the next President of the United States.

Trump is worker, in every sense of the word. One woman who was employed by the president elect said he was always the first one at the office and would answer the phone or do any menial task necessary to facilitate the chores and tasks at hand.

“If Donald is sexist, then a lot of people are sexist,” the former staffer added. She indicated what many others have said, Trump places a high value in hard work, initiative, and loyalty.

He hired the first female construction site manager in America, Barbara Res. She went on to become a highly successful and respected figure in the industry.

During one speech a person in the crowd asked Donald Trump is he hired veterans at his hotel. “What are you looking for, what kind of work” he asked. They chatted about the veteran, who happened to be both black and woman, experience, and he hired her on the spot.

Several years ago Trump noticed an ice skating project embarked upon the New York City was lagging way behind schedule and newspaper reports were stating it might never get finished and was way over budget. He decided to take action.

Donald Trump took over the project, using his own funds, and ended up finishing it both before deadline and under budget.

Once the rink was opened, he operated it with his own funds through the Christmas season. At the end of the season, he donated all of the profits.

Trump’s generosity is not hidden, he just never felt the need to advertise his acts of kindness and compassion. During the 2016 presidential campaign the mainstream media declined to show the personal side of Donald Trump – and least not when it was positive.

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