VIDEO: Donald Trump Has Made the Following Announcement… Things WILL Get Bad

On Monday, Donald Trump made a very alarming announcement about the Second Amendment IF Barack Obama has his way.

During an interview with CNN, Trump stated, “Well, pretty soon, you won’t be able to get guns… What I do see is I do see step by step by step, and then all of a sudden you have no Second Amendment.”

He also asked a great question in wondering why Obama was not able to have his measure approved through normal channels? Why isn’t this going before Congress for a vote? Why? Because he knows it would never pass because it is NOT what the American people want! It’s what he wants!

The full interview is below, but you can fast forward to 1:37 to hear Trump discuss this issue…

While we agree with Trump on the fact Obama is trying to take our guns away systematically, we disagree he will be successful. The NRA is already on the attack and simply put, the patriots of this nation will NOT ALLOW OBAMA TO TAKE AWAY OUR GUNS!

Our founding fathers gave us the right to bear arms and defend ourselves. Who is this man to take that right away from us?

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