EXPOSED: Now We Know the Despicable Thing Obama Secretly Did to Veterans

It was clear that Obama had no respect for our military — the former president could barely muster a salute.

Now Barack Obama has been caught discriminating against our VETERANS. Obama did not want to hire veterans at the Justice Department, and his administration went to extreme lengths to AVOID employing them. Despicable. (via Washington Times)

The Obama Justice Department was upset when veterans applied for two openings in the International Criminal Investigative Training Assistance Program.

According to federal law, veterans receive preferential consideration for certain government jobs — including those offered by the Justice Department.

However, Obama was intent to avoid hiring veterans. He sent lackeys out to convince the veterans who applied to rescind their applications for the two positions according to the U.S. Special Counsel Office (OSC).

“OSC found hiring violations for two positions at DOJ where officials sought to encourage preference eligible veterans to withdraw their applications” explained the federal investigator.

The Justice Department claimed that they did not attempt to pressure the veterans to withdraw their applications. Instead, they merely tried to explain to them why it would be better if they did not apply.

However, the OSC responded that even that was illegal, and a clear violation of federal law. Our brave men and women in the armed forces take special risks to protect us and the least we can do is offer them a decent job.

The Justice Department was adamant, and instead of following the law and hiring the veterans, they rescinded the job offer and refused to hire anyone. The job was posted the following year and contained language that explicitly banned veterans from applying.

The OSC reviewed the updated ad. They agreed that it was unbecoming of the Justice Department, but it was not a clear violation of the law. Obama got his way, and he was not forced to hire the veterans — betraying our service men and women once again.

It has not been revealed why veterans were excluded from the job posting, but it is consistent with Obama’s hatred of the armed forces. During his eight years in office, Obama did not do one thing to make life better for veterans.

Obama and his friends in his administration had a deep-seated hatred of patriotism and believed that they were better than the “jar heads” who risk their lives to protect us. Disgusting.

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