Is It Time To Consider Repealing The 17th Amendment?

If you sit down and read through the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence you will discover that the Founding Fathers had a brilliant system in play. The 17th Amendment is currently foiling the plans of the Founders. Is it time to repeal it?

The 17th Amendment changes the way that Senators are chosen, as Mike Huckabee points out. We could repeal this particular amendment, and it would cause WAVES in the current political system; a system that was never meant to be in the first place.


If the 17th Amendment were repealed, our country would revert to the original system where state legislatures picked the Senators. If this were the case complaints by Arizonians about weasels like Sen. John McCain (R-AZ)  would very well end in his recall. 

The 17th Amendment came to be because Progressives fomented the people’s distrust in their state legislatures, They advanced the false narrative that state lawmakers were too corrupt to keep tabs on the Senators. Well look around you right now and tell me if we have seen the end of political corruption in this country?

If anything, we see something far worse. We are witnessing Senators that have not only made a career of public office (and not doing it well) but Senators more beholden to their political parties than their constituents.

As an example, we are all FURIOUS that Obamacare has not been repealed. If ALL of the members of the GOP were doing their job, they would have voted to repeal in a heartbeat. If the 17th Amendment were non-existent, our state legislatures would be able to exert pressure on the Senators to vote the will of their constituents.

Instead, nothing can get done because of political interests, and perhaps personal vendettas are stopping progress. McCain soured on President Trump two years ago when he remarked about preferring soldiers who do not get captured.

McCain took it personally and has held a grudge to this very day. How do we know he’s holding a grudge? Well, he has been talking about repealing Obamacare for YEARS. Now, suddenly, with the ball in his court, he is going to drop it? That doesn’t make much sense.

What does make sense is he saw a chance to stop President Trump from furthering his agenda, which just so happens to be the agenda of the American People.  He took that chance, and now everyone is furious with him.

It shouldn’t be this hard to pass the repeal of a piece of legislation. If we dispensed with the 17th Amendment, the original recourse of state legislatures applying pressure on federal Senators would force the will of the people or result in the recall of the offending Senator.

Call it a hunch, but we feel that if we repealed the 17th Amendment the attitudes of people like McCain would change quickly. Once they discover that their “career” is on the line, they would find it in their best interests to follow the will of The People.

While it would be a challenge to repeal the amendment, it is worth examining. If we can find a way to get it done quickly, we could restore some of the freedom back to the people of this country.

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