JUST IN: Trump Catches Muslims Hurting American Girls, Makes Them PAY Dearly

President Trump is finally cracking down on one of the most horrific cultural practices being imported by Muslims into this country. Thank goodness!

President Trump and the Department of Justice announced a new campaign to end the barbaric practice of female genital mutilation after a Muslim doctor was charged for the crime last week. (via Breitbart)

Jumana Nagarwala is an American-trained doctor of Indian descent. She was born in America and her family is part of a Shia Muslim sect within India.

Dr. Nagarwala was charged on April 13th by Detroit police after they received a tip-off. She now faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Police charged the doctor for mutilating the genitals of two American girls. The two seven-year-old children were brought by their Somali mothers to have the procedure done.

Other victims have been identified by police, who explain that Nagarwala has performed the “surgery” on many young girls, aged six to eight, over the course of 12 years. (via BBC)

The services of Nagarwala were apparently in high demand as parents were driving their children in from outside of the state to have their daughters abused and tortured.

This is the first case of systematic female genital mutilation committed by an American on fellow Americans since a law banning the practice was introduced in 1996. Yet, the media remains silent.

The Media Research Center, working along side the anti-terror group ACT for America, detailed just how the media has abdicated their duty to inform the public of these crimes. The groups claim those in the media “are guilty of aiding and abetting violence against women out of a politically correct fueled fear of offending Muslims.”

The big three news networks all refused to report on the charges in their morning and evening news broadcasts. Print media published a few articles about the case, yet not one of them mentioned the religion of the doctor or the connection between Islam and genital mutilation.

Although this issue is ignored by the media, the Trump administration is committed to protecting young girls, cracking down on those who mutilate them, and eradicating the barbaric cultural practice.

The Justice Department estimates that over 500,000 young girls in America are the victims of female genital mutilation or are at high risk. We need to find the rest of the people who do this, with or without the media!

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