WATCH – Democrats For Trump STUN Media With THIS Massive Announcement

Hillary Clinton believes that many of Donald Trump’s supporters are in a “basket of deplorables,” but perhaps she should look to her own party before she draws such a huge line in the sand. She might find some huge reasons for concern including the fact that she is on the wrong end of a movement.

A group called the Trumpocrats PAC just announced they have registered over a million people who regularly vote Democrat who are willing to cross party lines and vote for Trump instead of Hillary. This really speaks to the narrative many continue to espouse, which is that the enthusiasm for Hillary just isn’t there.

Thousands of Democrats across the country despise Hillary Clinton because of her sheer contempt for ordinary Americans, much like Marie Antoinette couldn’t be bothered with her own French countrymen either. Regardless of whatever manufactured “scandal” the Hillary team can come up with against Trump, this new breed of Democrats simply doesn’t believe in Hillary any longer.

The members of this PAC have lost confidence in Hillary because they have looked at her track record, and, despite her experience, they don’t believe she will provide the changes needed in this country.

Moreover, the Trumpocrats PAC also falls in line with the rest of the American people, the majority of whom believe Hillary Clinton to be a liar. When she said she did not “send or receive classified emails,” she was lying. When she said she only had one phone, she was lying because she actually had eight, and most of them were destroyed with a hammer.

Because of these factors, many in the Democrat party are breaking and supporting Donald Trump. This is true in states across the country, but it is true in particular in the states of Ohio and Pennsylvania. Christian Rickers is the leader of this PAC, and he is at the forefront of this phenomenon.

“We have over a million Trumpocrats signed up all over the country,” Rickers told FOX Business Network on Tuesday. “Over 800,000 that we identified in ten counties in Pennsylvania that are going to turn out for Donald Trump.” Despite what Clinton might tell you, this election isn’t over by a long shot.

The fact that such an immense number of people have switched registration illustrates a key concept—people vote with their feet. It illustrates a recurrent theme in this election as well—actions speak louder than words, just like the fact Donald Trump said a few stupid comments over ten years ago. It doesn’t detract from the fact he is running against the most corrupt political figure in this country’s history.

The fact of this many switching over is an encouraging sign because it again gives Donald Trump a strong comparison to another famous Republican. Ronald Reagan had many “Reagan Democrats,” and now it is being played out in its newest incarnation—Trump Democrats.

Can Donald Trump win? One can only hope so. Although the Clinton campaign is extremely good at changing the subject, the fact remains that she is extremely unqualified. During her husband’s administration, putting Hillary in charge of things also turned out to be a disaster.

Now, imagine what it would be like if Hillary were the president herself. You think all of the current scandals are bad? Just wait if she is elected and in the oval office. It’s not too late though. She CAN be stopped, and many are crossing party lines to try to make that happen.

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