BREAKING: Amid Calls to Impeach, Trump Fans Send Dems THIS Powerful Message

Liberals have been taking stabs at Trump before he even set foot in the White House. Since he took office, they have been foaming at the mouth to get him impeached. They are going to be pretty upset in 2020.

There was recently a fundraiser to get some money together for a Trump 2020 election. IT BROKE RECORDS! According to Washington Examiner, they managed to raise $314,000 in just one day. This fact sends a strong message to the Left: we are not even CLOSE to being finished.

Trump has managed to do some great things for our country in the short time he has been in office. Perhaps one of the most impressive things is that he managed to do all of this while the Left has been fighting him tooth and nail. If anything, this shows just how much the American people LOVE our president.

He has managed to begin turning around healthcare to something that has promise. Obamacare was starting to erode at the fabric of our country. People were going BROKE for bare-bones insurance. Fines were being issued to millions of people for not having enough money to cover their insurance.

It was all bad news. How are people expected to pay the fines if they cannot afford health insurance? It makes NO sense. Now, we don’t have to worry about that.

After an uphill battle, President Trump managed to get the Republicans to start disbanding Obamacare. It is no longer relevant in our society. He also is working closely with GOP leaders to develop a new healthcare plan that ACTUALLY helps people.

Aside from healthcare, the President also is working to secure our borders. He has passed two travel bans that would give us a chance to rethink our current vetting system. Sadly, the left-wing 9th Circuit Court shut both executive orders down.

We don’t think that this will be the last we hear about a travel ban. Another “controversial” part of Trump’s presidency is his view on illegal immigrants. The Left goes INSANE at the very idea of deporting someone.

In response to the flocking of illegals, Donald Trump has been working hand-in-hand with ICE to ensure that fewer people get here and stay here. He has even established a system that would quickly deport people back to their home country to free up space and resources here at home.

We NEED the space and jobs so that we can grow properly. It is hard to take care of ourselves when we are watching everyone else in the world and catering to their every need. Already, we are SO proud of President Trump. There was no one more fit to lead our country by a long shot. Regardless of how whiny the Liberals get about him, he is not going to back down. They can threaten to impeach him all they want; there is no basis for their claims whatsoever.

We see, before our very eyes, America becoming GREAT again!

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