WATCH: Trump Gives The Order, Now Terrorists Are RUNNING For Their Lives

President Trump promised to be tough on Islamic terrorism–and he’s keeping that promise wholeheartedly. With Donald Trump as Commander-in-Chief, terrorists fear America once more. We have them on the run!

In a bold move, President Trump oversaw an airstrike against the terror group al-Shabaab (via The Washington Examiner). Military policy from the Trump White House is successfully curtailing terror operations in Africa and elsewhere.

The terror network al-Shabaab, based in Somalia, is one of our primary enemies in the African region. They are close allies of al-Qaeda. For years they’ve been carrying out terror attacks freely in Eastern Africa (via Washington Examiner). But Trump is putting an end to their reign of terror.

President Trump has given more authority to commanders on the ground, including African Command (AFRICOM). This new policy allowed our military in Africa to successfully carry out this operation against al-Shabaab.

This most recent strike comes right after an attack on al-Shabaab in June, which killed eight Islamic militants in Somalia. Thanks to Trump’s decisive leadership, we are WINNING the fight against terrorists.

Since assuming office, President Trump has taken on a policy of giving the generals greater autonomy. Secretary of Defense Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis and the generals under him have had much more freedom in dealing with terrorists in the Middle East than their predecessors under Obama.

Mattis, a universally respected Marine Corps. General, has taken full advantage of the trust President Trump has placed in him. On his first day at the Pentagon, Mattis ordered 31 bombings against ISIS (via The Daily Caller). BOOM!

The difference between the Trump and Obama administrations can’t be more clear. We have been far safer under President Trump. The terrorists know there will be swift retaliation for anything they do. And we have much smarter people performing 24-7 counter-terror work.

President Trump knows how to choose the right people for the job. His extensive background as one of American’s most successful businessmen has given him the skill of sizing up candidates for positions and then delegating the responsibilities. That’s how you run a world-class business. And it’s how you run the government of the greatest country in the world.

Obama put political hacks in charge of our nation’s security. Under Obama, we had physicist and Medieval scholar Ash Carter as Secretary of Defense. The head of the Department of Homeland Security was trial lawyer Jeh Johnson. What? Trump did the common sense thing: he chose generals to lead the departments of Defense and Homeland Security (James Mattis and John Kelly, respectively).

Obama didn’t want to protect our nation. Everything he did was for the purpose of sabotaging our military. Trump, on the other hand, wants our military to be successful. Our troops know the President has their back. Morale is higher than ever.

We are on the road to defeating Islamic terror around the world. Our military is no longer handcuffed by the Leftist regime of Barack Obama. Our generals are now free to do their job–to wipe terrorists off the face of the earth!

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