YES! Donald Trump Gives THIS Warning to Marco Rubio, It’s Happening

Donald Trump took the Nevada caucus by storm and is now gearing up for the Super Tuesday states – and Marco Rubio. The GOP front-runner issued a stern warning to the establishment favorite after cinching his third straight win.

“Marco Rubio’s a nice young man, right?” Donald Trump said in an open question to his vast and cheering audience. “I can’t hit him, he hasn’t hit me. No, no, he has not hit me. I’m treating him nicely. But, when he hits me, oh is he going to be hit.”

Trump went on to say at some point Marco Rubio might get nasty and throw a few verbal bars his way, the Washington Examiner reports.

Such a happening appears to be highly anticipated by the people’s candidate. “I hope he does because then it gets more fun,” Trump added.

The bromance between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz is long since over. There was a significant portion of American voters who were at least initially torn between the two men and had hoped for a “twofer” with a GOP ticket that had Trump and the top and the Texas Senator in the vice-president slot.

While Trump has not been demure when pointing out the differences between his policies and Rubio’s, he has not yet gone on the attack because Marco has been smart enough not to cast the first stone.

Marco Rubio considers every second or third place finish a gem in his crown and appears to be unwilling to poke the bear and ruin his own chances for being tapped as the next VP.

Some feel Rubio would be a logical choice to run beneath Trump, after all the Republican establishment might warm up to the idea of a President Trump with Marco waiting in the wings. But, will the passengers on the Trump Train be willing to stomach such a slick and polished career politician in the making?

Even those who loathe the Obamaesque nature of Marco Rubio will not likely shy away from Trump and allow the political revolution designed to make America great again loose steam now.

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