Yes, Trump Goes To Church. Here’s What Happens When He Sits Next To You…

Many in the media have attacked the faith of President Trump in an attempt to cause a divide between him and his base. However, evidence has shown that Trump has brought God into the White House like we’ve never seen before.

President Trump is a regular attendant of Sunday services. He was spotted at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea for Easter Sunday, making an effort to shake the hands of everyone he sat next to. (via Independent Journal Review)

A parishioner from the small church in Palm Beach, Florida revealed what it is like when Trump attends a service. Sonya Sandage has attended church with Trump many times, but last weekend was different.

The seaside church in the small Palm Beach community is President Trump’s go-to church when he retreats from the city.

Melania and Donald Trump were married at the church, and their son Barron was christened there. The first lady has posted photos of the courtyard online, describing it as where she and Donald “celebrate and pray.”

However, when Trump attended the church last Sunday, it was his first time returning to the small house of worship as president of the United States — and things were different.

Security was high, and worshipers arrived early to make it through the metal detector and secure prime real estate. The entire church was closed between services to accommodate the bomb-sniffing dogs.

The pews were on lockdown, and no one was allowed in or out. Despite the increased security, the congregation was ecstatic to have a chance to meet and pray with the president.

President Trump and his family secured a seat in the fifth row and attempted to keep a low profile so the pastor could preach undisturbed. The crowd was reminded the day was to celebrate Jesus Christ, and not Donald Trump.

While the focus was firmly on Christ our Lord, many still snuck a handshake from the most powerful man on Earth. Truly a man of We the People, President Trump was happy to shake the hand of everyone who reached for it.

There is no question that President Trump is a frequent attender of church, even if it is more difficult with the many threats to his life.

This is the first major service Trump has attended since being elected president, and he appeared to be seeking extra guidance with his new responsibilities.

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