WATCH – Pro-Trump Group Releases EPIC Ad That Hits Hillary Where It HURTS, It’s Going Viral!

Donald Trump had the absolute best line of the night during the presidential debate, but, of course, the mainstream media have either severely down-played or completely ignored it. Having not one but two 24/7 news outlets in the bag for you is quite a public relations boon when you’re Hillary Clinton.

“She’s got experience, but it’s bad experience,” said the stellar line uttered by Donald Trump, used as the focal point of a viral new campaign ad.

Future 45, a pro-Trump super PAC, created the now viral ad the day after the presidential debate.

The PAC was founded by Joe Ricketts, the owner of the Chicago Cubs.

Chaos in Libya and Syria, the rise of ISIS, a failed reset with Russia, a disastrous nuclear deal with Iran, a terror attack in Benghazi that left four dead—this is the kind of bad experience our country does NOT need more of.

The way Hillary Clinton tells it, the world was hanging together by a thread until she came along.

Her many, many, many miles spent flying around the world is the only “accomplishment” both she and the bulk of her surrogates can cite about her years as secretary of state.

What about her eight years as a United States senator?

Well, she accomplished far less while serving at that post.

During  her tenure in the Senate, Hillary had just three of her bills approved—713 died quick and quiet deaths in committee.

America needs a leader, a patriotic statesman, and not another career politician willing to flip-flop on issues to stay in power or to appease donors.

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