While Hollywood Gave Awards to Make-Believe Heroes, Trump Was Honoring REAL Heroes

If you’re a liberal, you watched the Oscars last night. If you’re a patriot, you’ll probably be happier to hear about last night’s Governor’s Ball.

Our president and first lady held the annual celebration in honor of governors and made time to recognize our men and women in uniform, including posing for a photo with the Army chorus. 

Do you see the genuine happiness on every soldier’s face here?

It truly is wonderful to realize we have a president who cares more about our military members than anything a celebrity could say or do.

While celebrities wear gaudy gowns and pat each other on the back for parroting liberal ideology, our first family was making a classier statement.

Just look at Melania’s demure military-inspired dress. It’s simple, perfectly matches the Army chorus’s uniforms, and has a military-inspired lapel. Her solidarity with our troops is clear. Expressing this kind of political statement with a dress is so much bolder than any nonsense outfit a celebrity was paid to wear to the Oscars.

The Marine band was also playing in the White House halls. The dining room was packed full of elegance, in candlelight, and Trump gave an appropriate, thankful speech.

Compare that to the nonsense at the Oscars, with speeches full of hypocritical rhetoric. Apparently actress Viola Davis took the opportunity to tell the world that her profession is the ONLY one that can “celebrate what it means to live a life.”

When will the liberal elite wake up to the fine contribution of everyone else in this nation, from our military members to our working class families? Pretending to be someone else is not the height of importance in our society.

Perhaps one of the best things we can do is choose to celebrate moments like this exceptional Governor’s Ball over the trashy displays at the Oscars.

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