WATCH: Trump Humiliates Obama With Bombshell Jobs Announcement

President Trump has made significant changes in our country during his short time in office. Now, he just dropped a new bombshell that makes Barack Obama look like even more of a failure. Liberals are going to be FURIOUS.

Wednesday, the president announced that Foxconn will build a $10 billion dollar factory in Wisconsin, according to Fox News. This plant is going to create an impressive 3,000 jobs in the United States. These are jobs that we need badly, and we couldn’t be happier that President Trump is keeping his promises.

It has been difficult to get anything done in Congress with Democrats’ resistance. They don’t give up easily, but that doesn’t stop the President from pushing.

The factory is going to create LCD screens that people use in TVs and computers. The demand for these screens is constant so that these jobs will be stable, long-term positions.

By the plant’s completion, Foxconn could hire upwards of 13,000 people at their factory. Considering Wisconsin is recovering from manufacturing layoffs, this could be an incredible change for their economy and help to improve the lives of everyone there.

President Trump said that the White House worked closely with Foxconn to decide where to build the factory. There were initially seven states fighting for the factory, and Wisconsin ended up being the best place to build the plant.

The meeting also featured Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) and House Speaker, Paul Ryan (R-WI). Walker stated, “Today we’re announcing the single largest economic development project in the history of Wisconsin and one of the largest in the history of the country,” as reported by Dennis Michael Lynch.

It is amazing to have a President that cares about the workers. Obama should be ashamed of himself and his incompetence. His increases in welfare spending did nothing to improve the lives of workers and only made people less self-sufficient.

The Left will likely complain about this factory. They are probably going to say something about the factory polluting the air. Democrats don’t seem to see the positive in ANYTHING that President Trump accomplishes.

While the Left is caught up in their petty hatred, we are experiencing an America that we thought would never come back. President Trump is bringing jobs to the country, and he wants to adjust taxes so people can keep MORE of their money. There are significant benefits from Foxconn’s move to the United States. If the Left is unable to understand now, hopefully, the shift in Wisconsin’s economy will change their minds when the factory is established, sending a CRYSTAL CLEAR MESSAGE!

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