WATCH: Trump Issues JAW-DROPPING Russia Announcement. Media Can’t Believe Their Ears.

The mainstream media’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is nothing but a witch hunt.

President Trump baffled the mainstream media yesterday when he volunteered to testify under oath that he did not ask former FBI Director James Comey to stop investigating General Michael Flynn. He’s not worried, and he has nothing to hide. (via Fox News)

President Trump made the announcement during a bilateral press conference with Romanian President Klaus Iohannis. It was his first public appearance since former FBI Director James Comey’s explosive testimony on Thursday.

James Comey was fired by President Trump in May for his inappropriate conduct during the 2016 presidential election. Comey ignored protocol to wade into the political fray, and took sides during the election.

Both Democrats and Republicans expressed disapproval of Comey’s actions. The former FBI director attempted to hedge his bets and appease both parties. Ultimately, he upset both.

Shortly after being fired, Comey decided to jump back into the limelight. He was upset with President Trump’s public comments condemning his leadership, and so he leaked a memo to The New York Times.

James Comey asked a close friend to leak information about the memo. The Times reported on the memo without confirming its contents. Only Comey has seen the suggested document.

The memo alleged that President Trump asked Comey to ease up on the investigation into his former national security advisor, General Michael Flynn. Trump also allegedly asked him to pledge loyalty to the Trump administration. President Trump denied the allegations, and said he was willing to testify under oath.

The situation has devolved into a “he said, he said” argument between President Trump and James Comey — and Comey’s credibility is wearing thin. The former FBI director’s testimony before the House Intelligence Committee on Thursday tripped up Comey, and revealed that he lied under oath.

Thursday’s testimony also revealed that President Trump was never under FBI investigation for having ties to Russia, despite the widespread hysteria.

James Comey says he can prove his bold allegation at any time — yet he refuses to make the contents of the memo he already leaked available to the public. President Trump has nothing to hide, and James Comey is hiding everything. His game is up.

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