BREAKING: Trump Launches SHOCK Raids On Mexican Cartel, LOOK What They Found

Gang violence is growing at a frightening rate around the country. Up until this point, we were unsure of how to tackle this problem. Fortunately for us, President Trump went in and CLEANED HOUSE!

The result of the Los Angeles raid turned up “DOZENS” of key players, illegal weapons, drugs, and disbanded sinister plots that did not yet reach fruition, according to Breaking 911. The gang involved is one of the most dangerous groups in the county: MS-13. They are notorious for causing havoc, particularly in the southern parts of the United States.

Obama promised that he would work on getting them under control, but, like most things in his campaign, it was all but forgotten. He could not even get a grasp on basic concepts such as healthcare, never mind violent street gangs.

MS-13 is also DIRECTLY linked to the Mexican Drug Cartel — they NEEDED to go! We have enough problems here now, and they were only making things worse. The raid took out some of the top dogs too, so there are going to be significant problems with the chain of command from within the gang.

There is a good chance that giant portions of MS-13 are going to get lost or disbanded due to lack of leadership. Getting them out of the picture is a step in the right direction. We need to make sure America is SAFE.

It would be untrue to suggest that ALL gang crime can just be wiped away, but they certainly took a huge hit here. America is going to be safer, not only from gun violence, but from drug deaths as well.

On the East Coast, there is an underlying opiate epidemic. In some small towns, there have been upwards of 30 overdoses PER DAY. People are getting hooked on these drugs that are being brought over from the cartels and families are being ripped apart at the seems.

Addiction is claiming parents, disbanding once-strong family bonds, and causing people to act irrationally, and yes, violently. If allowed to remain unchecked, we would likely face the largest amount of annual drug deaths this year, and that number would only rise.

We are THRILLED that President Trump stood up and did the right thing. Obama never had the courage to take out any level street gang — small, large, or in between. In mere months, Trump has done more for the crime rate in this country than Obama did in a full eight years. You will never hear that story on any liberal mainstream station. All you have to do is look at the numbers to see that this is true.

Excitement is building in all of us. We are finally getting the fantastic fresh start to our country that we were promised. Trump is advancing us every day and helping bring the PATRIOTS of this country closer together.

We suspect that MS-13 is only the first of many gangs to fall under our President. It is going to be interesting to hear how the liberal media tries to spin this when violence drops rapidly in the coming months and years. Keep in mind: this was all accomplished without banning guns. Imagine that.

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