BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Got BIG News From Texas, Media is Shocked

Donald Trump was probably just sitting around having his coffee this morning when his world was completely rocked. Texas is the one state he thought he had very little chance of winning, but that just changed.

According to Emerson poll just released, Donald Trump is now only one percentage point behind Ted Cruz in the glorious state of Texas! This is HUGE!

Remember what I said last night about people wanting to vote for a winner? Just a few days ago Cruz has a monster lead in Texas and nobody, and I mean nobody in the media gave Trump a chance here. But that is not the end of the bad news for Cruz.

In addition to having Trump nip at his heels, Rubio is only three points behind Trump! Can you say game over?!

Cruz’s campaign is losing ground quickly and his backers are starting to look for the candidate that will end up going against Hillary or Bernie. These numbers show that person, at least in their minds, is no longer Ted Cruz.

Honestly, this could not be working out better for Donald Trump. He has been picking off candidates one by one and I believe he has always wanted to have Rubio as the last man standing. He has been no threat to Trump and probably won’t be able to handle Donald once they are mano-e-mano.

This is exciting Patriots! Trump’s shots have hit every target and Cruz is about to fall!

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