PHOTO – Donald Trump Posts THIS Picture to Warn People About Hillary, She Must Be Stopped!

Have you ever wondered who is really running the country? Is it the politicians who are running it or is it their special interests? If that is a concern of yours, then I hope you realize just how beholden Hillary Clinton will be to these groups.

To prove Hillary Clinton will be owned by big money donors, Donald Trump posted the picture below on his Facebook account showing the vast difference in contributions from hedge funders:

Clinton’s immense amount of hedge fund contributions should immediately disqualify her from running for president because of the nature of the country in this day and age.

Security and the economy are the issues that remain important for the average American. Can we trust Hillary Clinton to be the type of leader that will not be influenced by big donors?

Judging from her track record, the answer to that question is no, and she has some pretty disturbing donors.

First and foremost, there is George Soros, who has some very dangerous political views. He played a role in funding the Ferguson Riots in 2011, he is against US sovereignty, and he is big on currency manipulation as well.

So far, this man has contributed $7 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. My only question is—what he is going to ask of her when he calls in these huge favors?

Newsweb Corporation is also a big donor to Hillary as well as a number of different unions. Should we have another president who has such large donations from special interests? The answer is no, but Hillary is going to be. What is the solution?

To put it simply, don’t elect her! We need a president for all the people and not one who will engage in pay-to-play politics.

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