WATCH – Liberal Reporter Tried to Humiliate Trump, So Trump Destroyed Him Right to His FACE

Donald Trump has addressed the fake news several times, but his newest response to the mainstream media shows he’s not taking any crap!

Today, while taking questions from reporters, Trump refused to take questions from CNN, saying, “You are fake news.”

The mainstream media have consistently been unkind to Donald Trump, smearing his name since the day he announced his intent to run for office. And now that he’s won, they are still attacking him without relenting.

He also called out BuzzFeed News, based on the fake news story they published about him that even had a false “informant” in the article.

As Trump stated, “It’s a disgrace what took place, and I think they ought to apologize to start with.” It seems our president-elect is not going to put up with the liberal media writing lies about him just to stir up the American people.

Journalists have freedom, yes, but they also have a duty to their journalistic ethics. They should be writing the truth and only the truth. If they cannot verify a story, they should not be publishing it.

The corruption of the mainstream media is affecting journalists as a whole. Many consider anyone working in news a liar or slanderer, but some journalists, even in the mainstream, still maintain integrity. It’s the poor actions of the few which drag down the whole profession.

But this should encourage journalists to call out their own, to address the problems within their own ranks and help spur the media back into reporting on the truth. The media should not be hiding or lying about information to the American people, and this needs to change.

And with Donald Trump in office, it should. Trump has showed in this video that he is going to be calling out journalists like no president ever has before and will refuse to answer their questions. This, I’m sure, will be mocked by liberals, who will find fault in everything Trump does.

But it makes sense—why answer questions to biased, fake news if they’re just going to falsify everything anyway. Why bother wasting your time with them when they’re not even going to print what you actually say? Their questions should go unanswered, and their reporters should be ignored. People will change the channel, and those networks will drop in ratings.

It’s time to put the truth back in our TVs and papers, and it’s going to happen with Donald J. Trump! Drain the Swamp!

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