ALERT – Trump Issues THIS Response to Hillary Indictment Decision, Wow!

It took Trump about 10 seconds to respond to Director Comey’s announcement that the FBI would not be charging Hillary Clinton over the email scandal.

As usual, he picked up his phone and blasted both Hillary and the agency with some angry tweets…

In his comments, Director Comey stated that although Hillary Clinton was “extremely careless” in her handling of the emails, “no reasonable prosecutor” would pursue the case, via

I guess Mr. Comey would need to explain to the people of this country how the Secretary of State having over 100 classified documents on an unsecured server does not deserve prosecution.

Trump pointed to General Petraeus before, stating he did far less and ended up being prosecuted.

The cases have similarities that lend credence for the American public to ask more than a few questions.

While the General was sharing information with his mistress/biographer, Hillary shared her emails with the everyone!

If we are to believe Guccifer, these classified emails are in the hands of many of our enemies already!

I am still speechless about this. I have completely lost faith in the integrity of the FBI and now I know we are truly on our own Patriots.

As Hillary celebrates another fix, she insults the American people further by joining Barack H. Obama on Air Force One to campaign.

The FBI just gave us the middle finger and now both Obama and Hillary are doing the same. She is actually using our tax money to spread her lies around the country.

All I can do is shake my head.

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