WATCH: Trump Unexpectedly Stopped His Motorcade and GOT OUT. Now We Know Why.

Trump is a complete nightmare for the Secret Service and I doubt that will end anytime soon if his recent “stunt” is any proof of how he will be acting as president.

Impromptu rallies erupted across the country yesterday to show support for President Trump in what has been dubbed the March 4 Trump. Florida supporters were encouraged when Trump stopped his motorcade, and got out to acknowledge all of the Americans that took time from their day to salute him as OUR president.

In the background, you can hear an ecstatic women yell, “That’s our president, right there, he just came out. He said ‘hello’ and waved to all of us! That’s our president right there folks!”

The presidential motorcade was travelling past supporters on its route to Trump’s residence at Mar-A-Lago.

Trump made the stop at great personal risk, as there have already been many threats against his life. The Secret Service is visibly on edge as they flank the car and keep watch.

The stop was completely unplanned, unlike most of the Democrats supposed ‘run-ins’. Remember Clinton’s appearances at a bookstore and on a hiking trail after she lost the election? Yeah, she wasn’t exactly beating back crowds, or even posing with average Americans.

Trump knows how important it is to be connected with average Americans and has held countless rallies for his supporters during his campaign and during the ‘Thank You’ tour. This time it was his supporters who held a rally for him.

This is what true grass-root movements look like. President Trump is a man of the people, and true patriots can sense it. Whereas the liberals have been caught paying protesters, which they have to do because they have no real support.

Unlike the liberal protests, the March 4 Trump was held on a Saturday, since Trump supporters work during the week.

Trump has a long and dangerous road ahead of him as he makes America great again. He needs to know that true patriots are right beside him. I’m sure these displays of support strengthen him as much as they strengthen We the People.

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