WATCH: Trump Vindicated, Muslims Caught With THIS Plan for America

We have recently seen a rash of protests by Muslim immigrants trying to change our country as more and more of them settle here. Americans around the nation are protesting, citing that numerous groups of immigrants settling here for decades have always assimilated to our ways, not the other way around.

A “Sharia Patrol” was interviewed by a female broadcaster offering some very disturbing insight. He stated, “I want to see Sharia law in Europe and I want to see it in America as well.”

The man being interviewed currently lives in the UK and goes on nightly patrols telling citizens how he wants them to live according to Sharia, which has nothing to the with UK laws! The broadcaster even tells him at one point, “That’s absurd!”

When she tells him we, as well as the UK, are free, he says then he should be free to tell us what to do! This is the sick world these extremists live in! Watch it for yourself…

This animal wants to stone people to death, to cut off their hands, and belittle women. And these are the people Barack H. Obama cherishes more than the very people that have put him into office!

I believe this is but one of the dangers of allowing unchecked Muslim immigration into this country. I also believe Sharia is a very real threat in this country simply because of the manner in which Obama is allowing these immigrants to come into the United States.

They are often being placed in very small communities, which will make it much easier for them to take over and instill their ways. Imagine relocating to a new town for work only to find out Sharia prevails. It may sound extreme, but under Obama and then by Clinton, this could be reality.

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