WHOA! Trump Issues Massive Warning to Establishment: No More Business as Usual

Donald Trump has never been a “status quo” kind of man—he’s the kind that breaks the status quo and keeps the establishment people running.

Just now, Trump has made the establishment very worried: “You, the American people, will be in charge. Your voices, your desires, your hopes and aspirations will never again fall on deaf ears.”

The government is in our hands now instead of being in the establishment politicians’ hands.

Donald Trump cares about the American people first and foremost and is molding the government into something that cares as well, including bans on serving as a lobbyist for years after serving in his Cabinet. Including term limits too. These two plans alone will do wonders to dig out the establishment.

Trump wants to better the lives of Americans first and worry about everyone else second. That’s what other countries do, and that’s what America should do.

Trump wants to take care of our veterans, who gave their lives and limbs in defense of this country yet are thrown to the side to be forgotten. They’re important to the establishment while they’re serving, but the minute they are taken out of commission, they are thrown aside to collect dust.

The healthcare in this nation is still dismal, and the benefits take months and years to come down the line to those who desperately need it. No one should be out-priced of health insurance, and some good old competition will ensure rates are reasonable.

Illegals are pouring into this country, taking our jobs, taking our welfare, and being supported on the backs of Americans and their tax dollars. And what do our cities do? They become sanctuaries just to spite Trump and protect those who break the law.

We have a sitting president who would rather not worry or work on the economy, our borders, and national security against terrorism. What exactly does that leave? School lunches? Many Americans can’t wait to boot both Obamas out the door.

It’s time to shove the liberals and their “political correctness” aside because next month Donald Trump is going to be inaugurated as the next president. A president of the people, not a career politician who only seeks power.

No one is going to care about America if we fall—it’s up to us to take care of our country and make sure the swamp is drained. It’s not the responsibility of the government to save this country. That duty was given to the American people by our Founding Fathers, and we can’t forget that.

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